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We provide custom HR for small businesses, at a fraction of the cost

Insufficient HR  and people operations can put your business at risk. But you’re not an HR professional—how can you be expected to manage it all on top of running your business? Let us manage your people processes so you don’t have to.

As a boutique firm, our approach is to work closely with you to identify the people support you need, and from there, craft a cost-efficient pricing model tailored to your business. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation, and let’s explore how we can streamline your people issues.

Check out examples of services we can provide below.

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Pricing Models

Fractional HR

Our most popular approach provides your business with ongoing support at a discounted monthly rate and a set percentage of time, ensuring you have consistent access to professional guidance and support for all your people needs, without the high cost of full-time HR.


Looking for specific and direct guidance but not necessarily ongoing? Our hourly pricing model prioritizes as needed flexibility - ensuring you only pay for the HR expertise you need, when you need it. Get tailored support with the freedom to adjust service on an ongoing basis.

Fixed Fee or Project-Based

Used only for clearly defined HR projects such a one-time employee handbook creation, this approach offers a straightforward, one-time fee, ensuring budget certainty and focused, efficient delivery of specialized services tailored to your specific needs. 

Not sure which solution is right for you and your business?

Pricing Models


Employee Lifecycle

Performance Management

Engagement Surveys

Conversation Assistance

Immigration Support

Letter Templates

Parental Leaves

Mergers & Acquisitions (HR)

People in a meeting at a large table

& Onboarding

Recruitment & Talent Coordination

Interview Training

Onboarding Programs

Offer Letters

Employment Agreements

Benefits Administration

Two people shaking hands
Laptop and coffee cup on a desk

HR Systems

HRIS or ATS Implementation

HR System Management

Intranet Organization

Person on a cellphone

HR on Call

Ad Hoc Questions

Best Practices


Day to Day HR

Employment Standards Compliance

& Exits

Large Group & Individual Terminations


Assistance and Plans


Separation Agreements

Person signing a document with a pen

& Policies






Book open on a table

Don't see what you need listed above? Reach out.


HR is broad, and it's impossible to list everything. Let's see how we can still help.

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