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Terminations & Exits

We provide compassionate, professional, and legally compliant support to help manage these sensitive situations effectively.

Large Group & Individual Terminations

Whether you're facing a restructuring that affects multiple employees or a single termination, we offer expert guidance to handle the process with respect and fairness, while also prioritizing your business interests.


Communicating terminations requires care and precision. We provide customized scripts for termination meetings, ensuring clarity and sensitivity, and reducing the risk of misunderstandings or legal complications.

Assistance and Plans

We can offer hands-on assistance in planning and executing terminations. We help you develop structured plans that outline each step of the process, ensuring that all legal, business, and people obligations are met.


We can curate a range of template documents for terminations and exits, including exit information emails, exit interview forms, and checklists. These resources are designed to streamline the process and ensure consistency and compliance.

Separation Agreements

We can assist in drafting separation agreements that protect both the employer and employee. These agreements are tailored to your specific situation, ensuring they are fair, clear, and legally binding.

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