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  • When should I hire fractional HR?
    It's never too early! Engaging with an HR professional early on can ensure that your business is equipped with the right policies, procedures, and systems from the start. This proactive approach helps in avoiding potential issues and compliance risks as your business grows. However, it's never too late to seek HR expertise either. If you're a business owner overwhelmed with people-related tasks or relying on another admin professional who isn't an HR specialist, hiring fractional people operations can be a game-changer. We can take over these tasks, ensuring they are handled efficiently and professionally, which allows you and your team to focus on what you do best – running your business.
  • Can you fire employees for me?
    Yes. We get it, those are hard conversations to have. While we always advise to have two individuals present during a termination for transparency and support, we can help coach you through the hard part, and then take over, making it as smooth and respectful as possible for everyone involved.
  • Can you assist with setting up my HR systems?
    Definitely. Setting up efficient and user-friendly HR systems is one of our key services. We assist in choosing, implementing, and managing the right Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for your business. Our goal is to streamline your people processes with a system that's both effective and easy to use, allowing you to focus more on your business and less on administrative tasks.
  • Do you require a contract?
    Yes. After our complimentary consultation call where we determine our fit and identify the services you need, we'll draft a contract. This contract not only safeguards both of us, but also provides you with a clear understanding of what to expect and peace of mind. If your company has its own preferred agreement, we're more than happy to review!
  • Can you help with developing HR policies and handbooks?
    Absolutely. We can help craft employee policies that are not only aligned with your organization's culture and values but also steer clear of tedious, overly legalistic jargon. While maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we focus on creating policies that are clear, engaging, and easily understandable for everyone in your company.
  • What if we already have an HR team?
    No problem. We are happy to work alongside internal HR teams who may just be looking for that little bit of extra assistance.
  • What if I only need occasional HR services?
    We have options for your needs and budget! You can purchase a set amount of work at a predictable price, or simply pay hourly if you have ad hoc questions, or a specific situation arises. Check out our pricing models here for more details.
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