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HR on Call

We understand that HR challenges don't always follow a schedule.

Ad Hoc Questions

Quick, professional responses to your spontaneous HR-related queries. Whether it's an urgent employee matter, or a policy clarification, we're here to provide the answers you need.

Best Practices

We can provide insights and recommendations of HR best practices tailored to your business, helping you maintain a competitive edge and foster a positive workplace culture.


Benefit by having HR expertise simply through the click of a quick email. Our advice is grounded in experience and aligned with your specific business goals.

Day to Day HR

Let us help you handle your day to day HR, and shift some administrative processes off your plate. This can include recruitment, offer letters, new hire paperwork, offboarding and more.  

Employment Standards Compliance

From understanding wage requirements to managing work hours and leaves, we can help walk you through the standards for your location, helping to safeguard your company against potential non-compliance risks.

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